And with glasses high we raised a cry for freedom…

I tried to write a thing about the Declaration of Independence, thinking it was topical with American Independence Day slipping by. But then I just got too angry about it.

The FBI came to the conclusion that Clinton’s email server affair was a real problem considering how top secret information was compromised. If it were anyone else, they’d be tried for espionage and put away for a long time. But since it’s Hillary Clinton, they chose not to prosecute.

Because she’s one of America’s noble class, she walks.

So I got really irate again about how my nation isn’t what I was raised to believe it was, and it’s not a nation of fairness and equality, but where we still have kings and lords with divine right. But then we pretend we have freedom even when people are being shot by police or vectored from school to prison, or getting their property seized. Because most of us are beneath justice.

In the 80s series, Max Headroom there was the notion of the Blanks who did not have a valid identity according to the civic databases and with that didn’t have rights either. Only in the US in the 2010s your rights can be stripped from you if you don’t have enough assets associated with your identity.

You know the score, pal. If you’re not a cop, you’re little people.

I bet we’re still teaching children to this day that we live in a nation of liberties where everyone is equal and anyone can be president.

Maybe I’ll write my bit for next year.


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