In grave danger of falling back.

I’m still one post behind. I’ve been meaning to catch up, even if it’s with a cat-post and then an essay…two cat-posts seems like too much.

I’m having a really anxious time. Much of it, I think, is the imminent move, and how much there is left to do. I accomplished a couple of those tasks today, but my list is incomplete so I’m not really clear how much left there is to do. Also my whole life is going to change.

For the better I think. But stress is still stress.

Of course, I’m still reeling from the shootings last week. The Olympic Committee is overreaching their defense of their trademarks (sometimes forbidding athlete sponsors from behaving like athlete sponsors) then there’s sewage in the aquatic event zones and athletes are getting attacked in town by robbers eager for their swanky sports gear. Of course, this sort of thing may have happened always, and now the internet reveals how gritty the nitty really is, but it really sounds like Rio wasn’t fully prepared to host the Olympics.

And police administrators and labor unions are defending the officers who shot people, including the murderers of Sterling and Castile last week. In the eyes of these officials, it is evidently justifiable that officers can see a threat in, and react to any small action, including those of civilians trying to obey their commands. These officials seem to believe officers are justified and should to assault and even murder civilians that might potentially mean them harm, that it’s the responsibility of the rest of us to put police officers at ease so they can stop shooting us.

On the other hand, if law enforcement shootings of civilians keeps making the news, reprisals might escalate to make law enforcement legitimately dangerous. I certainly don’t want anyone I know joining a police force. (Some will, anyway.)

So yeah, I’m writing more posts like these, an extended check-in, and fewer of my topic-centered essays. I want to get back to that, but I’ve really not been feeling like writing, or anything, really.

Maybe because of how much logistical crap there is to do in order to move. There really is a lot.



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