Customer Service Call

It’s a thing that happens to my brain, especially when trying to do customer service stuff: I need a refund / replacement / something, and the company needs my unit info (model number, serial number, date-of-purchase generally), and they usually have a place for me to enter that data.

This time, the company’s database did not accept the serial number of my unit. So I had to email them. In fact, they had an automated email thingy for just such an occasion, which may be a sign that this is a common problem there.

I’m so used to problems, and then getting refused service due to such problems that I just froze. I stalled out and wasn’t able to return to getting stuff done.

When I attempted to register my cell phone, the company didn’t have my phone’s specific model on their lengthy list (nor one that looked similar enough). The same thing happened. I just got stuck.

I’m terrified of companies rejecting my case based on minor technicalities like this. It feels like a rejection of me personally, even though that’s probably not the case. I suspect (tin-foil hat firmly in place) companies are encouraged to make customer service tedious and confusing to discourage people from following through. I’m sure in some cases it’s true.

Anyway, it’s a thing that hits me right in the personal outrage. A Company representative refusing me customer service for stupid reasons is one of the few kinds of incidents that has driven me to seriously consider murder. Or arson. Or sabotage. Fortunately, I’ve never held my rage long enough to identify the targets responsible for my exasperation, plan out infiltration, retribution, exfiltration and aftercare. I always cool down before making travel arrangements.

At least so far.

So I end up avoiding getting to the outrage place. If I shut down before I realized I just got screwed by an unsympathetic system, I can blame myself. I’m the fucked-up fucktard who can’t fucking complete a fucking customer service ticket.

Yes. I can be that abusive to myself. This is what it is to be so severely afraid of external oppression that I pre-empt it with internal oppression. Our world of locked phones and malware apps and obtuse customer service procedures and snitching is a worse crime than bullying and big game companies like Electronic Arts and Microsoft cancelling game accounts for small infractions. This is how I’ve been shaped by that world.

Which reminds me, Gamestop just plum forgot my online account and all the attached games. That happened. I complained until they got some kind of internal investigator on it. Then they just forgot to call me back and now I’m terrified to contact them, because I’m pretty sure they’re not going to give me back my games, because fuck you, little person. We’re a big giant company who can afford to neglect little people.

All this stuff drops on me like a rain of satellite debris, every time I have to make a customer service call.


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