Packing and crazy.

While I eat the lasagna I burned last night (and empathize with all those Sims who sobbed over burned meals) I’m trying to pack everything, and remember what things I use that without which I can’t make my home into a home. That’s my nightmare: that for lack of a spanner or proprietary power chord or other critical element, I spend the next two weeks missing something critical. Like air.

Maybe this is why obsessive people want to hoard (and pack) everything.


Note that this is kind of a common thing for me. Despite extensive pre-flight vacation checklists, I’ll forget some weird little doodad like the widget that makes my sleeping bag work or the pills that let me drink coffee and ride roller coasters. So I go the duration sleeping in a jury-rigged hammock, drinking mock-coffee and skipping all the fun rides.

(Not that I need coffee pills or that my sleeping arrangement requires some doodad, but that’s the thing, I take things for granted that the stuff I need is here. Soon I’ll be somewhere else hoping I remembered all the stuff I need.)

There’s also the matter that once I pack certain things (like my desktop computer) I lose the capability of using them. But I’m not ready to give up my desktop yet!



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