Selective Cat Feeder

One of the running themes of this move might be better living with technology. Moving here comes with all sorts of benefits (full time access to my sweetheart, for one) but also has raised numerous challenges. Many of them have technological solutions.

For instance I don’t have a branch of my bank in town, but that doesn’t matter since I can pull money freely via grocery store point-of-sale transactions, and deposit checks electronically by photo. With these options in place, it is now very rarely that I might need to visit a branch.

One of the technologies we’re trying to make work is called a selective pet feeder. Ren will eat anything that hits the floor, while Stimpy paces her snacking. Either I have to attend the kitchen whenever Stimpy wants to eat or we employ a selective pet feeder which has a lid that opens only when Stimpy is nearby.

Except that it turns out that it doesn’t detect Stimpy very well. She’s already timid about eating, but the lid closing on her has already proven frustrating. To be fair, we got the el-cheapo version (that is, the OurPets Wonder Bowl). El-cheapo, in this case, is relative. It runs around $50-$60 in contrast to more sophisticated selective pet feeders that run in the hundreds. (When we get Stimpy microchipped, there’s one that detects the microchip implant rather than an awkward wearable fob. That one runs about $200.)

In the meantime, we may end up following the instructions of one of the Amazon reviewers in constructing an entranceway that forces Stimpy to approach so that the device assuredly detects her. (In the case of the reviewer’s cat, the device would close on the kitty’s head mid-meal.)

To be fair, I’m expecting too much on day one here. I want everything working right now! Some challenges –especially ones that involve inhabitants interrelating– will take time as the parties get used to the new situation and each other.

For a cat that’s moved almost fifty miles today and is stuck in new unfamiliar digs featuring a dog, she’s actually handling the situation fairly well. I should give her more credit.

Stimpy, yes. Less so, the selective pet feeder.


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