Technical Difficulties

🐶 Ren’s cognitive dissonance moment: Last night he was in guardian mode when I came to get him for his twilight walk. Normally, I’d have to lure him from under the covers or snarf him from on top. As I approached, he growled as if I were an unknown interloper. (This is typical.) But once I uttered walk he leaped to the corner of the bed, tail wagging, yet still growling.

Ah, Ren, my little gardenia, your voice… it says non, non. But your tail, it wags. It says oui! oui!.

This afternoon, Ren was guarding again as my sweetheart napped, but a rattle of the leash brought him running. We (that is, the canine we) appear to have straightened out our doggie priorities.

Today I have been focusing on the (deceptively lengthy) process of reassembling my desktop system. My sweetheart, though very understanding is yearning for the days when my laptop array did not occupy the kitchen island. (We have a kitchen island!) And I want to facilitate a return to those glory days. Sadly, I haven’t yet found a suitable arrangement. Power cables and video cables are not quite long enough for everything to be positioned within reach of each other, at least not without complications. Ironically, I do have a long HDMI cable, but I didn’t think to locate it and bring it from the San Francisco residence. This is on my list of things I must pick up when I am there next.

The other task at hand is working out an Ethernet internet connection (WiFi is not great for gaming, and I don’t have a ready adapter anyway). I’ll probably jury rig something involving the Ethernet lines on hand, a spare cable modem and if necessary, an old router to serve as a bridge, just so that I can get a basic internet connection going.

I really miss shooting things. More even than I miss looking at porn.


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