Speed Of Thought

It turns out that Aaron Sorkin wrote A Few Good Men and The West Wing, both on a cocktail of cocaine, shrooms and pot. It correlates with my fondness for his dialog and pacing in these works. (Disclosure, I saw the 1992 Nicholson / Cruise / Moore vehicle, not the original stage play.) The patter in both of these franchises refreshingly keeps up with my brain’s pace.

Then Sorkin quit West Wing in 2002 to go into rehab. The series fell off, going in a different direction. But then again, that was the point Sorkin realized the Red Wine School of Artistic Inspiration was taking its toll.

I resented Sorkin for quitting, as I really enjoyed the speed-of-thought pace of his dialog (and liked to imagine the staff of the real west wing was as thoughtful and deliberate in their duties as those depicted on the show). But in retrospect I understand and appreciate that he was willing to ride a dangerous train for some work that is pretty durned amazing, stuff that probably couldn’t have been created otherwise.

Also, it turns out, Sorkin wrote The American President which was the inspiration for The West Wing, so I still have that to look forward to. Also The Social Network, which is supposedly after Mr. Sorkin dried out, also with the direction of David Fincher. Worth seeing whether or not it is the same drug-induced magic.

Either way, I can handle the truth. But no, I really couldn’t resist.


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