A day crazy.

This morning I ran out of Duloxetine, which is the stuff I take to stay sane. Where in San Francisco, this would only involve a (walkable) trip to the pharmacist, here in the basin, the delay can be for days. Earlier this week I tried to head this crisis off by having my meds shipped to me, but they didn’t arrive in time, and so I went a day unmedicated until my sweetheart could pick up an emergency dose at a nearby Costco.

This was a scheduled bout of insanity. A day I know I’m off my meds is far more manageable than a day I just forgot them (or a day I’m crazy despite them) Usually I have to realize I’m being crazy then ponder why (insufficient food, insufficient sleep, lonliness, lethargy, high stress inventory, etc.) and see if it can be resolved. If not, well, sometimes the brain needs to sad.

Today, knowing I was going to be off, I could prepare and keep stressors, social exchanges and bad news to a minimum.

Sadly, emergency doses are expensive, so I really hope it shows up tomorrow. (Tracking suggests it should.) Then I will need to get on the ball about ordering meds at least a week in advance.



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