Let Me Take You Down

The Fool On the Hill, the 1967 Lennon-McCartney piece released on Magical Mystery Tour has been taken down from YouTube when I wanted it for a post. I searched everywhere. I figured it must be high or low. But no.

Thanks, Universal Music Group. Freaking eggmen. Thanks for nothing. It’s a common song from half a century ago, a critical piece of 20th century culture. That was before your Mother was born. She should know. I guess living is easy with eyes closed.

Stupid bloody Tuesday. Sometimes it’s me. Now I’m derailed. I’m crying. It’s getting hard to be someone.

The world spins around. I know that they’re the fools. It shouldn’t matter to me. I should wait for the sun, for it all to work out. Hope it might take me away.

Nothing is real.

Nothing to get hung about.


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