Return To Town

Today was my first return back to my old place in San Francisco to clean up my previous room and bring back more goodies I need. (I’ve been having dreams of data cables.) Twenty minutes in the scorching sun plus six transfers got me to my prior residence in four hours. Hopefully I’ll be able to trim that a bit, maybe by bicycling to the nearest bus station. If I could get myself out to Fairfield, that would also remove a layover due to awkward timing of infrequent buses.

It also didn’t help there were at least two incidents along the route (what our vehicle operators called police actions). I ended up suspended in a couple of tunnels waiting for tracks to clear.

Getting stuck at multiple bus stops waiting for buses that never come is an old, classic nightmare from my youth. I got it in no small part from the under-manned Rapid Transit District that serves Los Angeles County. One breakdown and I’d be waiting and waiting and waiting and…

Though nowadays, with internet access during most of the route and devices by which to make use of such a connection, public transit is not so bad anymore. I still can’t read during windy, twisty parts of the trip, but there’s a lot of long stretches and freeways, and then, glorious trains who have to turn very slowly. Corridor rail journeys can be a joy for this reason when I have a ticket to ride, and rail to take me the whole distance. (Alas, Amtrak stops in Emeryville. Dang.)

Considering my early wake-up call, though, I did find it too easy to nod off.

Between that and having to confront my prior hoard dead on, it was a pretty rough day. I’m exhausted.



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