Cat: Troubleshooting the journey

A second trip by public transit back to the city has given me a better understanding of why such trips are so strenuous.

The first factor is the jaunt from home to the nearest bus-stop, a shadeless twenty-minute walk in beatdown sunlight. Everything in this area is spread far apart with the clear expectation that one uses a car to get anywhere, and much of the roadside is undeveloped with not even trees to provide shade or life. I get to the first stop drenched and beat.

A bicycle restored to order should help.

The second factor is the lack of refreshments at any of my transfers. The first two are unusable due to the rapid change-over from one bus to the next. But even at Fairfield shopping places are a large parking-lot away, minimum, so I’m encouraged to stay put.

Bad lunch arrangements left me empty handed back at the old residence so I ended up hungry and crabby when my sweetheart met me at the end of the day. She was nice, though.

A third factor is the cost. It seems to be about $18 round trip, from home to San Francisco, and then back to fairfield (where I’m thankfully rescued). At that cost, regular Amtrak jaunts seem like a plausible alternative.

I try again in two weeks.


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