Cat: Not the quiet day I needed, (but mostly)

We had a toddler in house today, which means Stimpy has to hide in our (my sweetheart’s and my) bedroom suite, for fear of berzerking hominid cubs who are not yet tamed to be polite in their exchanges with cute animals. Of the two small-persons we’ve had in house lately, both just shout KITTY! and charge the poor feline like she were some prey animal. This would be cause enough to retreat, but there’s evidence that Stimpy recognizes the shrill squeal of young humans from past experiences, and wants nothing to do with such larvae.

Fortunately, there are plenty of places to hide as these little ones sneak into the grown-up suite, contrary to permission, hunting kitty.

I ended up passing out for a total (so far!) of four hours, and am finally able to just camp out in my alcove of solitude.

Tomorrow will serve even better once the residents go to school and work (respectively) and no one but the animals are around.


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