Cat: Torture News

Torture news triggers me pretty hard. By torture news I mean news about the CIA Extrajudicial Detention and Interrogation program, formerly the CIA Extraordinary Rendition and Detention Program, from whence we get the terms Extraordinary Rendition, Black Sites and Enhanced Interrogation Techniques (aka Torture). Which is to imply that yes, stuff was done in the name of the people of the United States so heinous that we require softening, ambiguous terms for them to be discussed in official forums.

In this case, the torture news was good news: A copy of the Panetta Review resurfaced, thanks to an agent taking measures to assure that the document was not left solely in CIA hands. (The Panetta Review was accidentally — CIA alleges — destroyed along with a bunch of other evidence.) It may lead to nothing. Or it may lead to more revelations regarding what happened, and how our nation’s agencies could do such a thing. It might even lead to a commission, if we lived in a better world.

The disinterest by our representation in answering to the people (say, increasing transparency of what happened and why, bringing justice to those who implemented and condoned the programs, facilitating reparations for victims and creating preventative measures to discourage torture policies in the future) is, for me, an ongoing point of outrage, frustration and shame I have for my nation. I am also frustrated by openness by which US citizens, including officials and presidential candidates, openly endorse torture, and the perpetual willingness by people, officials and law enforcement to tolerate it as if it were something other than hate speech.

Advocacy of torture as a state policy is, I think, pretty fucking evil, and it’s confounding to me how many people find it acceptable. This is sensitive material to me, and I don’t know if I can write about it and retain the ability to think rationally or articulate my thoughts coherently.

(I couldn’t, at least not to reasonable completion, but that’s partly due to starting late.)


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