Cat: The ongoing adjustment process

I’ve been posting a lot of cats lately. Partly because my schedule is very dissonant from old routines. I used to be able to accommodate for when a piece left me obsessing for a day to get it right and get it posted. I can’t anymore, on account of a dog and a different set of daytime routines.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s bad for my old way of doing things, but that only means I have to develop a new way.

Problem Machine has observed (over the course of several articles) that art emerges from a perfect storm of conditions. Our will to do art, our swanky art gear. Our crappy art gear when we don’t have swanky gear, our cocktail of sex and drugs and food and other mood-affecting elements, all combine into singular states to allow us to create. Much of the personal investment (that dedication and practice and swanky gear part) is to optimize those elements we can control to favor making art and making it good. But we’re not always right about what choices we make, and there are always factors we cannot control.

My old routine involved sitting for entire days at my computer at which I ate, thought, checked email and news and walked less than four steps to bed when I wanted to nap. These days there are dog walks and a more consistent set of chores, which means I have less good stream-of-consciousness writing time, but more bath / bus / bed thinking time. Does it mean I’ll have shorter posts but better topics? I dunno.

I expect this means I’m still adjusting to the new digs and the new lifestyle. It may take longer than the six weeks I’ve had so far.


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