Cat: Social Hangover

A string of socially active days has left me exhausted.

Friday: The commute to San Francisco continues to improve

My bike is now in order, and I used it to replace the first leg of the journey. What was a horrible walk in the sun is now a jaunty ride in a short sunny stint. Also, I’m terribly out of shape, but that only means that I have to resort to lower bicycle gears. It’ll be a good thing if I can do some morning or evening biking a couple times a week to get back in practice.

Though once I threatened to swim regularly, too, which I completely failed to do.

Transferring my audio stuff to my phone (and supplementing run-time with charging banks) has also helped. Also getting lunch before arriving at the San Francisco place.

Saturday: Fondue with friends

One of my sweetheart’s colleagues had a birthday gathering at The Melting Pot, a fancy fondue place. The food was exquisite. The people and nerd-energy was delightful (as noted before, the Stepford quotient in Vacaville is more than I’m used to, though my sweetheart observes, not as extreme as it is in much of the US.) Dessert and bill tabulation problems (really!?) put us after 10pm and we still had a drive home. Also, crazy expensive. We cannot do this very often at all.

Sunday: Babytime

My sweetheart and I are exhausted. Yet, the grandson is over being watched by Miss Taz. Also there are hair-dying plans if certain Tasmanian rooms are cleaned up by then (they are being tended to right now).

Sweetheart and I are hiding in the master suite with Stimpy.


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