Cat: Flibbertigibbet and Nope Zone

Flibbertigibbet is the term my sweetheart applied to Ren as she believes Stimpy sees him. That is to say, his wiggly, sneaky demeanor made her uncomfortable, but she’s figured out he’s pretty much harmless.

As for Ren’s perspective, Stimpy is nope. Wherever Stimpy lies down and relaxes (which she can do just about anywhere), that creates a radius of nope where Ren cannot go. It’s created some lonely anxious moments when he wanted to be next to a certain human but the nope zone blocked all access.

Both of them have abandonment issues. Stimpy gets sad when the house is empty of humans for a few hours. Ren must spends his inactive time right next to a designated safe person. If that DSP is not available by a clear pathway, Ren whines, barks and scratches until that path is clear.

And yet despite Ren’s apparent imbecility, he still has moments of cleverness. A low baby-gate divides my inner-sanctum (my computer room) from the rest of the master suite, and yet he’s figured out how to open the pet-gate where Stimpy has not. And when my sweetheart’s toddler grandson wanted to learn to walk a dog, Ren seemed to get what was happening and was cooperative with the whole process. He’s even figured out how to thread his nose into the harness for walkies, though he gets distracted enough upon return to forget deharnessing procedure. Perhaps it’s like Bart Simpson whose intelligence can transcend genius levels when it comes to mischief or getting what he wants.


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