Cat: Bond and Supergirl

I was taking another swing at the Supergirl thing, this time looking to address how the Supergirl 2015 television series, specifically that (unlike Superman) the world around Supergirl is leveled up to match, sometimes exceed and contain her.

Then I discovered James Bond news (and as long-term readers might know, I get distracted by James Bond news.):

Gillian Anderson would be interested in being the new James Bond if the role was offered to her, which, like the prospect of Idris Elba as bond is intriguing.

Roger Moore came out saying Bond should be a white male forever and ever and ever, because tradition or something. Since I read it second hand I can’t confirm the something-something would disgrace Ian Flemming and political correctness gone mad something-something. Those may not have been from Moore but people who agree with him.

And I was going to write about how Ian Flemming was taking his own experiences as a WWII intelligence officer and projected them into the cold war, and that doesn’t seem to require that Bond is a white guy, even if we’re talking about an espionage story taking during WWII (considering there were a lot of women and non-whites about that no-one was looking at, so they might make for good spies)

And I remember James Bond being turned by Hollywood into the explosions and car-chases kind of action hero, so maybe Flemming’s vision had already been befouled?

As Daniel Craig noted, James Bond (and the whole franchise), is chock full of misogyny and unfortunate 20th-century attitudes that really should be left to the 20th century, which is why Craig said he’d rather slash wrists than reprise the role again.

My mind got mixed up processing all that out, and I may at some point discuss women spies and bad Supergirl television, but tonight I’m going to call it a day.

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