Cat: Hoiktronics and Heart of Dark Knightness.

The Terraria community has developed a subset of Hoiktronics enthusiasts in which the combination of teleporters, monster statues (which can spawn monsters) and angled blocks are utilized to create basic logic circuits, allowing for late 70s / early 80s hobbiest electronics, such as calculators or in this case, a shoot-the-menacing-alien-blips game.

I’m not quite ready to turn my Terraria world into a giant computer.

For now, I’ve found my player-serving contraptions that previously used buttons are better served by the player above detector. (It triggers when a player enters / leaves a rectangle immediately above it.) This applied mostly to teleporters, but also hidden encampments. I’m also looking into protected encampments that produce shelter when it detects occupation. Since these accomodate unconventional entrances and departures, and multiple players, installing them should reduce jamming and mismanagement.

At this point my hope of making logic circuits that don’t involve monsters and statues has been dashed. But maybe there’s still a way I’ve yet to discover. I did make a bat-powered progress bar in which a bat is summoned, throws a sequence of switches in succession and perishes in lava. But that’s a lot of space and effort just to run a sequence of lights.

The further I play in Batman: Arkham City, the more unreliable the narrative gets. At the point that hoodlums are crying out Hey, Batman’s kicking some ass! Let’s get out of here Let’s get him!, there’s no question that Bruce Wayne is hearing something other than what is really going on. It’s hard to believe that, when confronted with the guy personally responsible for more beatdowns and more bone fractures than all other sources in Gotham combined, that even the hardened criminal demographic would have a healthy percentage of guys who’d seek to avoid another round of Batman abuse.

Maybe Batman imagines they come to him for absolution?

And now, Batman’s gone full Rorshach, singling out special targets for interrogation. Usually it’s been of the tell me everything you know or I break more fingers variety, but then he let a subject go over a five-story drop-off. After the guy squealed.

Thanks to crazy censorship rules regarding computer games, we don’t actually get to see the guy fall and splat below. He just…disappears. I’m sure he’s fine. Problem Machine suggested. I expect Batman is sure too.

Arkham City really does have the makings of a more introspective video game. One that’s not dark because the streets are in ruins and dawn never comes, but because it knows that Batman maintains his delusions in order to stop from breaking down.

A more self aware Batman game.

Problem Machine pointed out (and I agree with) the floating opinion that the Batman games, as good as they are, tend to err too much on the side of wish fulfillment. Of being The Batman Who Kicks Ass rather than The Batman Who Desperately Wants To Have His Parents Back. (We haven’t seen the Telltale Batman adventure game yet. But if Telltale’s Walking Dead games and The Wolf Among Us inform, Telltale’s Batman probably has enough Bruce Wayne sadness and regret and loss to fill five of the Arkham games and then some.)

We know that if Bruce doesn’t beat the snot out of someone for too long, then he starts getting sad and guilty, having Mom and Dad nightmares, and eventually hallucinating imaginary friends.


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