Cat: Long days

Both yesterday and today, I journeyed to San Francisco.

Friday, I made my periodic effort to travel to San Francisco. Only this time, I forgot my phone as I went out the door. A twenty minute delay multiplied across the transfers to a two-hour delay, and I ended up having to go directly to therapy, and then return home.

Part of the problem is a curious anomaly with the Solano county FAST bus routes, in which the two lines that go by BART stations don’t run a bus during the eleven-o-clock morning hour. I’m not sure why they don’t.

Saturday (now yesterday), my sweetheart drove me down. Besides attacking my old place (that is cleaning out my crap, also looking at a misbehaving computer) we ran errands, mostly shopping. A sweet yarn and knitting boutique was involved.

I’m usually exhausted on my San-Francisco-adventure Fridays, but there’s definitely a trend in which my subsequent Saturdays are social and active when I really just want to hide and relax and maybe sleep a bit more. I see how this is happening but I don’t yet know what to do about it.

Today I just may sleep a lot.


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