Cat: Doggie Dilemma

🐶 Ren (that Ren) has become very whimpery lately. At first, my sweetheart said that’s normal (his tactic is to annoy to compliance) but even then this morning she concurred that he’s resorting to a high-pitched whine early and eagerly. I haven’t figured out what it means. Ren is not peeing at first bush when we finally do walk.

He may just be cold. Ren’s had some quivery days, being short-haired. But he doesn’t like clothes, so there’s this Autumn period for him where it’s too cold to go without an extra layer, but too warm to suffer the clothes for long. Also, he’s much more receptive to being picked up and snuggled (not his favorite thing). Maybe he’s just chilly but not enough to dress, and that’s a dilemma.

Ren’s also been experimenting with the nope zone. I realized that people can serve as zone shadows. For a while Ren’s been trespassing zone by increments to see if it’s enforcement has been relaxed. A bap! after a surprise encounter on the bed has restored the nope zone to is normal size.

Ren has done this with the barrier into my inner sanctum. He’s supposed to stay outside. But then he’s just inside the gate. But then he’s against the wall. And then he’s at my feet and making Stimpy nervous. I’d drop him back in the hall, and he’d start again. At this point I evict him once he invades past just-inside, so his interim at the gate is prolonged.

Watching as an armchair zoologist, it’s fascinating, as I can better understand the omega mentality. It’s all about not challenging anyone else, because they’re all bigger than you, and so you sneak, you test. You wait for opportunities when the watchers are distracted. I’m reminded of an incident with Labradoodle in the middle of a circle conversation brilliantly monitoring the vigilance of five persons (at least). When everyone was simultaneously distracted she made her move: The next thing we knew, her face was in someone’s bowl of mac-and-cheese, and she was already a mouthful or two in.

Ren depends on cleverness and sneakiness and knowing what he can get away with. Thankfully, he also feels guilty, at least when others are upset with him, so I can express my displeasure without resorting to harshness, and he gets it. Sorta. If he wants a thing and knows I will be displeased, neither scolding nor threat of punishment will dissuade him, so my primary stratagem has been to keep him comfortable enough to subdue his want for things. Rather than increasing security, I give him less reason to commit wrongdoing.

Because, as any professional thief will tell you, crime is work.


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