Cat: Rebowrimo 2016

We (in this case, the feline we) are closing on a year of (fairly) consistent blogging. Not perfect daily blogging, but close enough. This can partially be attributed to my participation in Nanowrimo 2015 which got me from one entry a month…-ish… maybe… to daily entries (even if they were a couple hundred words of pathetic I can’t do this gibbering.)

More accurately, I was participating alongside Nano 2015. Consistent with the event. As I noted then, I’m not on the best terms with Office of Letters and Light, I suspect due to a change of institution personality as a small company (even non-profits) expands from beyond startup. I suspect it’s related to how I like hole-in-the-wall cafés, but don’t like them once they gentrify into remodeled, popular eateries. So OLL doesn’t like me much because I can be too rebellious, and I’ve become apathetic to OLL.

But their event remains useful. Nanowrimo has given me a goal and a community to be supportive as I endeavored to complete it… in San Francisco. This was effective enough that I perpetuated some of the write-ins (gatherings where we all punched furiously at our keyboards in efforts to increase word-counts) into a year-long writing group. We will see if I can find even a partial community in Vacaville that I can reach. I am… cautiously optimistic.

Hence, for me it’s ReBoWriMo or Rebel Blog Writing Month. Nanorebels are Nanowrimo participants who don’t follow the rules (and were strongly encouraged by Chris Baty, once upon a time). I’ve been rebellious for a while now. It’s Rebo rather than Reblo because that L doesn’t roll off the tongue so well.

This year, my goals will be a jot different. Then, I was looking just to generate worthy blog content so that if someone, someday, ponders who is this smartassy Uriel person, that I may destroy him in debate? they can look at my back-history and see that I have an established run of well-pondered thoughts and positions.

This time, my intent is, as before, to stay consistent, writing every day all month without fail. That’s thirty posts in thirty days, also one a day, minimum three hundred words, even if it’s an inevitable lament of my writer’s block.

I also intend to do a minimum of ten Fleet & Federation* entries, either discussing a card or a trope or something. Because I need to get that whole project going now that I have a way

At some point here, I need to make a list of things I need to do in preparation for this (e.g. install some graphic design software).

* I’ve described F&F before, usually at the end of a related piece. One of my October objectives is to write an explanation page for linking, once and for all.


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