Cat: Rebowrimo 2016 Prep

Yesterday, I stated my intentions for November: Sustain my blog. Write every day at least 300 words, even if it’s sobbing about writer’s block or sabotaging circumstances. And of those thirty days, ten need to be about Fleet & Federation. But I need to do some things in October to prep for all that. My list so far:

Get a graphic design package installed. Preferably one that makes importing my old files transparent or at least painless.
Write a string of articles about What Is Fleet & Federation that I can point to once and for all whenever I’m talking about it. This should include:
         • A blurb about the creative process, and my intent with F&F
         • A blurb about the F&F diegesis (world / milieu)
         • A blurb about the game mechanics of F&F.
         • An index of prior F&F related articles.
Explore Lua, the programming language utilized in Tabletop Simulator since that’s where the first release of F&F will take place just to see how much of the game’s non-decision-making elements I can automate.

Anything else?


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