Cat: Upgrade Joy

It rained a lot today. I went to San Francisco and again didn’t make any progress on my old room, but I completed a promise, the culmination of two Christmases, by installing a new power supply and sweet graphics card on a friend’s system.

It was done not without challenges. The power cable that supplies direct power to the CPU (a 4A port) was confusing by having the second part (a 4B? An 8A?) which didn’t provide the necessary power, and instead tripped the breaker in the power supply. We finally figured that out, though, and the friend has been gaming ever since.

Upgrade joy is that thrill that comes from gaining and experiencing new tech that is noticeably better than what one used before, is a very special feeling, one that I facilitate as much as I possibly can. Today was a day of vicarious upgrade joy.

It did mean that I didn’t get the downtime I needed after yesterday’s wedding. Tomorrow, I hope to take it easy. We’ll see.


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