Cat: Personal Zombie

My sweetheart has been exposing (heh!) me to Mira Grant’s Newsflesh trilogy. We’ve completed Feed and are halfway through Deadline. I’m pleased to have encountered Dr. Shannon Abbey, not only equipped with truths too terrible to reckon (and a hunting rifle and a non-zombie mastiff companion) but also engaging in (fully explained) unthinkable scientific experimentation — all with good cause and reason. She is now one of my favorite fictional persons ever. The Do Not Taunt The Octopus shirt (actual cephalopod nearby) secured her place.

Today I caught the leaky-head virus that’s been going about. My nose and sinuses are sore and I’m oozing viral load out of my head in a mad effort to pass on the infection. This smacks of the early stages of a common cold. Everyone around me seems to have escaped incessant-coughing and queasy-achy-stomach stages, so I’m hoping that with bed rest I can beat this thing early.



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