Cat: Still recovering

☣ My lungs are still full of crud and I still cough every once in a while when upright. When horizontal, my cough becomes horribly persistent. I’m hoping to find a position that doesn’t scare my sweetheart out of bed looking for cough medicine again. Still, a better day, today than yesterday.

🐢🐱 Ren’s been particularly anxious lately, and I wonder if his abandonment anxiety is even worse than Stimpy’s today. Ren was stirred by technicians visiting to replace air filters, so my morning began with a start and the dual task of dressing and trying to calm Ren simultaneously. Then managing them and the dog until their work was done (a few minutes).

At that point Stimpy was hungry, but Ren was being persistent. I was interacting with the cat when Ren decided I’ve got to stay next to the human! and defied the established nope zone. I can say it ended bloodlessly but not otherwise well.

Competitive vying for my attention (Ren, for walkies, Stimpy, for fresh wet food) is a common occurrence in mornings. And while I can usually be diplomatic (and them cautious not to cross each other), things can easily get surly if we’re unconventionally roused.

Ren has become a bit of a curiosity for me. He doesn’t seem to like barking at unusual noises the way that he likes (say) to fight his toy spiders (a tale for another time). But he’s compelled to bark. And he’s compelled to be near the human, even when the human is in the forbidden room petting his cat.

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