All those moments…

An acquaintance of mine died tonight. I say acquaintance because I remember her more by her relationship to someone close to me, than directly. We were friends, and respected each other.

She made life choices that I wouldn’t make (glitter pacifiers and ring-pops) and life choices I wish I made (a rock star blazing in sound and fury). What I remember most was that she came over, if only occasionally, and brought her light with her for a day, and my someone close would be joyous and aglow for the rest of the week.

Then we parted ways for years. And then I heard she was only seventy pounds and anorexic.

And then she wasted away.

My head is paraphrasing Dr. Tyrell, or Lao Tzu:

The flame that burns twice as bright burns for half as long, and you have burned so very brightly, my friend.

I regret you couldn’t shine forever.


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