Cat: Pre-election study

I’m spending the day studying the referenda in prep for voting tomorrow. And I’m anxiously dreading Trump’s election. I’d think that Clinton has it in the bag, but I was there when Bush stole the election from Gore, and there’s something of survivor’s guilt that if we fought just a little bit harder that somehow we wouldn’t have had to suffer Bush, and yes, living under Bush in that era was really that bad, and I’d think that living through the 9/11/01 aftermath under Gore would probably have been better.

Dunno really.

But Trump looks really scary. Even if Trump tap-dances while his cabinet or Pence runs the country, well, there’s this thing that happens when people have power but not accountability. In fact we call that thing a moral hazard and the end result is things like Halliburton getting very rich while everyone else gets a lot poorer. Or J. P. Morgan selling defective rifles to the United States making a killing while Union soldiers get rifles that explode in their faces.

But I get the feeling that Trump is going to use the White House to disappear anyone who speaks ill of him, or anyone he doesn’t like (say, women who are not model-thin). And he’s going to nuke some hapless nation. I’ve talked before about a Trump presidency feeling like a terrible alternative reality (or a reality so terrible that it’s worth going back in time and killing Hitler). We don’t have Johnny Smith to shake the hand of Trump to predict what will happen. We have some educated guesses as to what would happen.

So, so many educated guesses.


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