My Nerves In Tatters

I am thoroughly outraged right now. Sad. Terrified. Disgusted. I anticipate lots of people are going to die as a direct result of today’s election results. I am literally going mad. Were I not in the middle of Rebowrimo I might not even attempt to write something, perhaps for days. I may not be able to keep my wrimo obligations through the entire month.

Day by day.

Depression is coming home to roost. I anticipate I will cease being useful for weeks. Months if I cannot figure out a direction, an angle, some way to make a difference.

Really, this is post is a feeble attempt to make something useful of my 300 word minimum limit. It’d be so much easier to give it the Shining treatment and fuck the world for letting me down and I’ll see you tomorrow.

My impulse is to presume that every one of Trump’s 59,690,096 voters (as of current reports) was personally aware of Trump’s xenophobia, his blatant racism, his misogyny and implied incidents of sexual assault and harassment (outright expressed by numerous alleged victims). I want to assume that every last Trump voter willfully chose Trump as their leader, in full knowledge that he gave zero fucks for anyone else. Maybe they didn’t care he was terrible, or they agreed with his bigotry, or they admired his ability to act without empathetic regard. But I want to assume they knew. And they knew that in voting Trump in they would destabilizing the nation, knowingly endangering countless Americans and turn the nuclear madman scenario into a very real possibility.

I want to hold them all accountable when Trump burns the world.

It’s difficult to be rational at this time. In those moments, I can figure people voted for Trump for more nuanced reasons. Cracked’s David Wong (who I always expected to look like Jimmy Wong but doesn’t) notes Trump rode a wave of support from people who’ve spent the last eight years watching terrifying nightly news reports about ISIS and mass shootings and riots. They look out their front door and see painkiller addicts and closed factories. They believe that nobody in Washington gives a shit about them, mainly because that’s 100-percent correct.

So did they vote a monster into office knowing and acknowledging he was monstrous or not acknowledging? And which is worse?

For now, I’m out of ideas as to what to do, so I’m going to use an old one. It’s a suggestion I’ve made before, regarding the San Bernadino Shooters trying to ruin Christmas and Islamic State in general, but it applies here:

My nation going Imperial gray. Things are going to look a bit more bleak. People are going to be generally a bit more sad and a bit more miserable, and a bit more susceptible to hardship, so anything can make a difference: A spotted bus fare, an extra snack, an extra camera recording escalating police action, extra witnesses during an altercation…these things can make the difference.

A simple smile. Holding the door. Saying please and thank you.

Intervene. Spare what you can. Be considerate even when others around you are jerks. Give those around you the benefit of the doubt when you can. Express your misery sympathetically, not aggressively. Collaborate rather than compete.

When the Nazis mandated the Judenstern in occupied Czechoslovakia, the civilians got into the habit of hat-tipping star-wearing Jews and extending them additional courtesies. It helped the Jews stand tall, and it annoyed the heck out of the occupying Germans.

Let us hold the line here in our community while we rally to fight it on the Hill.


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