That Was Fast.

It didn’t take very long at all. Incidents across the country, by white dudes in cars, by little kids, by bystanders, harassing Mexicans, assaulting women in hijab, even guys grabbing women by the crotch because the President-elect does it. So, yeah plenty of people voted for change or against establishment or to ambiguously Make America Great Again. But some of them voted Trump in to have permission to put action to their aggression.

It’s already started.

After Adolph Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany in January 1933 incidents of civilian violence rates against Jewish Germans (German Jews?) rapidly ramped up. After all, when your peerless leader says it’s okay to attack these people because they’re criminal and rapist and responsible for the economic decline of your nation, a lot of people are tempted and have a lot of anger to work out.

Also, there was a lot of talk and hope that he would evolve from a candidate and party politician into a proper statesman. Like Trump, Hitler was an agitator who seemed too radical, too bigoted, too authoritarian and too self-involved to be a suitable for leadership and by popular pressure was appointed Chancellor by President Hindenburg, but there were plenty of hopefuls suggesting he might mellow out once he transitioned into his seat of power.

So, when Obama and Clinton suggest that we should transition peacefully to the Trump administration, when Trump’s Republican supporters suggest that, nah, he’s not going to imprison Clinton, and nah, he’s not going to block Muslim immigration or Muslim travel, and nah, he’s not going to intern Muslims, I’m not particularly reassured.

A good thought experiment for the moment is to consider the time-travel fantasy we have of going back in time to assassinate Hitler (or assist him in his architecture career). This is a favorite exercise of WWII and Holocaust historians: at what point would intervention have prevented the most death and devastation. Are we going to have the same exercise as the right time we should have intervened with Trump?

Let’s stop the atrocity train while it’s still slow.

Because you know what we need? More giant monuments to honor genocide victims.

And more untenable regions due to unexploded ordinance and pervasive environmental toxins …and more zones with elevated background radiation.


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