No Chance

There are protests against the President-elect in cities across the United States.

Constitutional lawyers are looking into the legitimacy of appealing to the Electoral College to vote for anyone other than Donald Trump. Such an effort would require a small number of faithless electors willing to specifically vote for Clinton to put her into office. A larger number of faithless electors would be needed to elect an alternative Republican, but more electors may find that option more palatable than voting for Clinton.

Hispanics are terrified of being deported or seeing their families deported. Muslims are terrified of being spied upon, attacked, interned or simply sent to prison on petty crimes. Gays are terrified of losing their rights and families. Women are terrified of losing abortion access and birth control access and men who will interpret are already interpreting President Trump’s example as permission to freely sexually assault women. Blacks are worried that their communities will be overrun by militarized police with license — and intent — to kill.*

These are legitimate fears.

Trump’s election victory has inspired many Americans to vandalize, harass and assault women and minorities, which has only elevated fears and concerns. These attacks have also demonstrated that a candidate fit to serve must not merely provide good governance, but also must set an example for the rest of us as to how an American citizen conducts herself / himself. An uncouth leader makes for an uncouth people.

A contemptible President yields a contemptible society.

And some people are now asking that we — those who have opposed Trump since his nomination — give The Donald a chance as President of the United States.

Fuck no.

Not without the greatest fight I can muster.

Neither Donald Trump, nor anyone from the Republican Party can be trusted with a chance at the presidency if there is a way to stop them. The GOP in the 20th century is incapable of negotiating across the table. They cannot engage in compromise or bipartisanship. They aren’t even allowed to vote their consciences when it runs contrary to the party line.

You see, we tried giving the Republican guy a chance. We’ve had that experience. We’ve made that mistake.

In 2000, George W. Bush, the compassionate conservative won with a popular minority, and would not have won at all if Florida was allowed to finish its recount. But those of us who weren’t Republicans decided to see what kind of president he would be. We expected that, like Clinton, he’d recognize his constituency. We expected Bush to be President to all Americans. We expected him to recognize that the nation was split, to tread carefully, that he should keep his agenda moderate with maybe a few favorite issues he’d push to the right.

We were total chumps.

Bush slithered straight to the far right. He rolled back environmental protections and froze benefits to impoverished and disabled Americans. He passed a ban on a late-term abortion procedure (which is only used in non-elective, medically-necessary circumstances). Bush diverted funds for social services to large megachurches. He gave huge tax-cuts to the wealthy. And Bush facilitated the exporting of countless manufacturing jobs to where labor was cheap, the very thing that has the Rust Belt voting for Trump.

And then 9/11 happened which is when things turned from shit to radioactive weapons-grade biohazardous-waste shit.** And things have only gotten worse. I still wonder if that was our Great Fire of Rome. The United States may never recover.

Bush’s administration is also when Tom DeLay was Majority Whip. And he killed across-the-table negotiation and compromise, he punished Republican officials that voted their constituency or their consciences against the party line. Essentially, he utilized ties within the party to extort every Republican representative into total obedience, and as a result, entirely killed bipartisanship. Sixteen years later, Democrats don’t even bother trying to negotiate with the Republican bloc.

We still see plays and mechanations based on the DeLay party policy, including the effort by John Boehner and a few other Tea-Partiers to hold government hostage in October 2013 just to kill the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare). Interestingly, the Republican-controlled legislature still seems to be eager to kill Obamacare, despite the number of Americans that would be personally affected by such an abrupt and massive change.

And remember that was the last guy we had from the GOP. Bush was the most recent Republican president. And to this day, the GOP still seems to be eager to only serve wealthy white Christian males, with no fucks given to anyone else, including Trump, should he disagree with the Republican-controlled legislature.

And this is before we get to the misogynist, racist, compulsively-lying, narcissistic unspeakable-horror that is Trump, who seems to be curiously eager to start a nuclear war.

If there was a way to, once Trump was in office, evict him quickly and categorically on the first sign that he was sticking to his nativist, Islamophobic, anti-environmental, pro-nuclear agenda then maybe it might be worth it to see how long he could keep himself behaved. Heck, if he was capable of being presidential most of the time, I could forgive the occasional misstep. I don’t expect him to be inhuman, but I do expect him to conduct himself with the decorum and deliberateness that befits the leader of the free world, and the restraint and caution that befits a man who controls the largest military in the world (by far!) and is responsible for enforcing nuclear non-proliferation charters.

But like ICBMs and cold war Fail-safe directives, President of the United States cannot be easily recalled, even after he’s launched a nuclear first strike against someone that insulted his hands. And he is sensitive about his hands.

And he regards the abuse of privilege for personal gain as smart. This is not a man who should be given the chance to use the force of a nation to enrich his own dynasty.

So no. If it is at all possible to block Trump from ever getting into office, we are obligated for sake of all human decency to stop him.

* I think the larger concern (and the larger plan) is a vast increase of the rate at which blacks are routed into prisons, then to be turned into the replacement labor for jobs abandoned by deported undocumented workers. The Trump plan is to force convicts to become Miss Housekeeping.

** State of emergency; PATRIOT Act; al-Qaeda; DHS; Scooter Libby; Valerie Plame; WMDs; Axis of Evil; Iraqi Freedom; phone-taps; Mission Accomplished!; Bush Doctrine; Tony Blair; unjust war on false pretenses; regime change; Guantanimo Bay; quagmire; shock & awe; Abu Graib; Halliburton; unlawful combatant; Blackwater Security; extraordinary rendition; black sites; Predator drone strikes; war on terror; Katrina; executive privilege; Iranian nukes; one point nine trillion dollars; IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT AND I FEEL FINE! (…Islamic State)


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