Cat: Mixed Messages

Yesterday was, for me, a very active day. I went back to San Francisco, worked on my room, shopped with my old roommate and met my mom for lunch (in reverse order, actually). That alone warrants a break.

And then I’ve been freaking out about the new Age of Trump. While some of Trump’s (early) staff picks are suggesting he’s going to interpret his more radical campaign promises more rationally** others say he’s still looking to do all these terrible things (and give Pence license to mandate reforms over his favorite issues, namely oppressing women and gays). And Trump isn’t slowing his incitement rhetoric regarding violence against minorities. Nor has he halted his compulsive lies that contradict prior statements in the press.

A lot of people have been predicting Donald J. Trump can become a tolerable president if he adjusts his behavior to be presidential. So far, he hasn’t. I don’t think he’s capable of doing so. I don’t think his hate speech on the campaign trail was any less genuine than his hot-mic locker room talk in Billy Bush’s bus.

I think it’s real, and the only ways a Trump presidency might be salvaged is:

Trump learns quickly he hates the job, picks up his toys and goes home.

The Republicans and Trump fall out, and they impeach him.

Trump gets some really good (and cautious, rational) handlers, who massage his orders and policies until they turn into something not too harmful.

The last one is the least likely, but I suspect will deliver the most humor value.

** Jail Clinton; Deport eleven million immigrants; Prosecute press for negative reporting; Halt or limit abortion and contraceptive access; Criminalize gay marriage, Block Muslims from entering the country; Register and Intern Muslims; Bolster militarization of the police, and give them additional protections against misconduct prosecutions; Turn prisoners into slave labor; Encourage nuclear proliferation; Authorize and encourage the use of nukes in military actions; Increase extrajudicial detention and torture; End environmental reform; Kill trade relations; Kill NATO…the list goes on, and it makes me sad writing it.


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