Cat: Exhausted

I am exhausted of this election, yet I can’t relax. Trump’s cabinet is (so far) in direct defiance of his promises to drain the swamp and be President to all Americans. I’m pretty sure Trump’s picks would also preclude his best and brightest assurances as well.

Hate crimes are up considerably. (The rate is +68% according to the FBI.) Trump is still looking to kill the Affordable Care Act, and Medicare and Medicaid (on which I rely!). He’s still looking to kill abortion access, deport 2 to 11 million immigrants, block Muslims from coming in and potentially registering or interning Muslim Americans. Trump is continuing with his plan to end efforts to control climate change, end clean energy, and authorize fracking.*

And some of the press and half of the nation already thinks this is fine. Not what they want, or what is even acceptable (Though obviously a vocal non-small number seem to like this state of affairs.) It’s fine in that we’re resigned to tolerate it with a whimper. It’s the new normal and we should just get used to it.

This isn’t just abnormal. There are so many things going wrong on so many fronts that it is difficult to keep track of them all. The United States is in a state of madness.

I don’t want to get used to it. I don’t want to calm down. I don’t want to slip into complacency.

And yet, I am so exhausted.

* This is assuredly how frack, referring to the act of hydraulic fracturing, becomes the new fuck, referring to sex or betrayal.

In other news, I’m still looking through activism sites for places where I can fit in. My sweetheart suggests that I should just get in the habit of writing (and sending by snail) personalized crabby letters to my representative offices. Maybe I can funny them up and post some here. We’ll see.


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