Cat: Nobody Likes 47

High drama in the house today.

I’m frustrated in Blood Money due to the lack of means to pacify people without killing them. Future Hitmen (Again, later Hitman-franchise releases.) feature Judo Chop action. In the Opera House (yes, the one in France), I kept trying to inject a technician with a tranquilizer, but that only works by surprise, and he’d spy me too frequently. Hypodermic needle-in-hand would block my ability to punch him, and before I could swap out, he’d sprint away and get a police officer, who’d instantly believe him and come in guns blazing. And then I’d be in that firefight I was trying to avoid.

So instead I’ve just resorted to beating the snot out of him. Perhaps this is the origin of the Judo Choppiness of future Hitmen.

When I have a handgun, I can take someone as a human shield either by surprise or if they’re surrendered. I can then knock my human shield victim out. While I’m really (really, really) trying to avoid actually shooting someone, pistol-whipping is one of the few methods I have of rendering a living person into a not-dead neutralized person.

I wonder if the tranq can be slipped into food like the poison. Not an option on this level, but still worth consideration.

The level-design of the Opera House seems to be a classical IO Interactive design: You have to be in different disguises to accomplish certain steps. Unlike the Winery, in which an elite guard could get anywhere raising no more than an eyebrow or a chin-stroke, different workers (painters, construction, stageworkers), and the place is (despite the briefing suggestion) extremely guarded.

Part of the puzzle is swapping out a prop weapon for a real weapon. I’m not sure if this is so that 47 can swap out with the actor move in for the kill, or if he can get the actor to unwittingly do his murder for him. I’m trying to remember what famous assassination was accomplished by bringing a gun onto the stage and shooting the target in the audience. Booth killed Lincoln in a theater, but he killed the president from behind.

Also, nobody likes 47. They seem to look at him and stop whatever they’re doing whenever he’s near. There’s something obviously wrong with that man.


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