Cat: In my hole

So there are kids here today which creates an element of chaos not great for concentration. I poked my head out of my hole and looked at news. Trump is trying desperately to pretend there are no conflicts of interest with his private holdings and the presidency, while taking advantage of the Presidency (specifically, foreign interests anticipating it) to bolster his private interests. And I’m reminded of him admitting he pays no taxes on account that he’s smart. I think he’s going to feel smart again as he uses the President’s power to rob the United States to bolster his own assets.

And then Kanyè West held a concert in Sacramento. Some of my peeps were there as Kanyè performed two songs, went on a pro-trump music-industry tirade and then left the stage thirty minutes after the show started. Right now social media is livid about it.

I have half of my obligatory word count, and I’m totally ready to go hide in my hole again. It’s not a good time for endangered species.

In Hitman: Blood Money at the Paris Opera House, I swapped the prop pistol for a real one, but the performer doesn’t pull the trigger. It looks like 47 will have to go on stage, himself if he’s going to utilize the opera’s execution scene. In the meantime I found that guys I beat up in the bathroom still groan (in other words, are still alive). The greatest frustration has been a bodyguard sleeping in a chair. If I try to tranquilize him with the hypodermic drug, he wakes up and starts shooting me. Otherwise, 47 is confused about approaching him from the side while he sleeps in the chair. No judo chop, no strangulation, nothing. 47 in Blood Money just can’t process how to attack this man. Still, he goes to the bathroom during the performance, and I can waylay him there, but it’s conspicuous I can’t take advantage of his sleeping vulnerability.

Also, other than his nice disarm maneuver 47’s kung fu is terrible in blood money. He has to push someone a couple of times posturing before he gets down to beating the crap out of them. In one case, a guy just run a way and fetched an angry police officer with an angry gun. People are good at sprinting, which is to say 47 has really slow reflexes.


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