Cat: Accidental Shutdown

This may be it. This may be my Rebowrimo downfall.

To be fair, to properly accomplish my goal, I’d have to write exclusively about F&F from tomorrow to the end of the month. (Though it’s nice to have an F&F reference page now.) Right now all I can think about this awful Donald-Trump-themed era we’re going into right now and whatever game(s) I’m playing to distract myself from that. (e.g. Hitman: Blood Money)

But I still want to do my 300 words a day, every day, even if they’re about how we’re doomed thanks to the Trumpocalypse.*

And I just lost a bunch of work to an accidental computer shutdown, and those are demoralizing as frack.

I’ll see if I feel like writing later. Maybe between that post and this post, I can scrape together my minimum wordcount. But man, it just all hurts right now.

Defeat is fracking harsh.

* Yesterday, my Sweetheart showcased to me the virtues of Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, who is not just a snarky face in wrestling, but also plays guitar, sings Elvis, acts and encourages others to be as awesome as he is. And so, newly enlightened, and being aware of Donald J. Trump’s background in wrestling, I can think of no better hero to take down the criminal overlord that is our President-elect. To you, Mr. Rock, sir, I make this appeal: For the American people, for all the world, take down Mr. Trump as only you could, for the Trump administration is (as I’ve discussed before) leading us into an era of hatred and destruction, what could easily culminate into a massive genocide campaign much like that of Nazi Germany. (And yes, I know such comparisons are clichè, but this is a time when the juxtaposition is terrifyingly valid.) If mythology of Hollywood and America is to be believed, the US, now more than ever, needs a hero and without one our nation may crumble into ruins. Be that hero, Mr. Johnson, sir. Be that hero for us all.


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