Cat: It appears I needed a break.

Nothing came to mind when I tried to write today. I think that after Thanksgiving, I just needed to take a day with zero responsibilities. I’m glad I managed to walk the dog and feed the cat sufficiently.

I started playing Subnautica. After my enjoyment of Terraria and Starbound, I’d been looking into other survival games that were 3D (either first-person or third-person), but not Minecraft, since that doesn’t go on sale, ever. Also I wanted the pretty, and Subnautica is scratching a lot of itches.

I’ve played some of The Long Dark but it takes the survival genre very literally, taking place in the Yukon and being about surviving the hard cold without starving or freezing to death. Occasionally you might have to contend with wolves or a bear.

Anyhow, Subnautica takes place on an alien ocean world, and at some point I’ll talk about it. It’s still in early-access (meaning it’s not finished. They claim, very not finished, though it looks amazing so far), which means that some of my experiences may not be representative of the final product, or of the designers’ intent. We’ll see.

For now, it’s distracting me from my anxieties of the real world and the new Trump era. It’s a distraction I think I need.

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