Cat: Overtrumped Again

I melted down yesterday after writing. It’s hard to sustain hope in all this frustration. It’s hard to imagine there are Trump supporters other than the whites-only crowd and the watch-the-world-burn crowd.

We’re going to be a whole different country once this era is over.

I tried to write a thing about the bizarre capitulation of Romney to Trump, and how creepy the GOP seems to be about loyalty over personal integrity. That was the big thing in the Nazi party that reshaped it from the Germany party to the Hitler party.

I’ll try again another time. Trump all the time is changing how I see the world, where I begin to doubt my own moral values can be sustained in human culture. We may just be too much the ape, roaring and red-handed, too monstrous to govern ourselves despite ourselves.

I really want to be wrong.


The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one.

— Adolph Hitler

You Don’t Sell Products, Benefits or Solutions — You Sell Feelings.

— Trump University Playbook.


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