Cat: Ethernet failure

For some reason, probably my PC’s Ethernet adapter, my system won’t connect to the internet. Assuming it’s a single point issue (because multi-point issues are signs that the Seals the of Apocalypse are being opened.) then it’s either the computer system or the router. Though I haven’t ruled out a regional Comcast outage that’s been correspondingly active in my area.

The thing is, all the house’s WiFi devices get internetz just fine, and the router’s page tells me they’re all connected and my PC isn’t. I’m annoyed for not having any other systems around that do Ethernet. Then I could verify that it’s nothing on the not-PC side of the network. Cables have all been individually excluded without change, as has the power tunnel.

Getting an adapter means I’ll have to go shopping, either online which takes days, or go out to somewhere and get a replacement for my motherboard’s on-board Ethernet adapter. Bleh.

Practically, until this is fixed, it means no group gaming, no arguing on the internet and no posts, though the latter two can be done by laptop station (which has to be set up and taken down daily). That said, I probably will avoid non-cat posts until I’m up and running again.

Considering how all the Trumping has been wearing me out, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


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