Cat: So this happened

…aaand my PC is connected again to the internet. Without explanation.

The new ethernet adapter shows up tomorrow (USB 3.0, gigabit!, which I cannot yet use but it will be ready whenever I get a 1000bps network). Why my innertubez came back is as much a mystery as why it went, and not knowing bugs me more than knowing but having to replace a thing.

It’s a day of little boys, with my sweetheart’s grandson on the way and a neighbor who Miss Taz babysits. So there are many distractions, and yesterday was a night out on the town, The Sacramento Gay Men’s Chorus’ 2016 Christmas show, which was fabulous, and a much needed breath of fresh air in the stifling looming new era.

I’m probably going to resume ranting about the new era tomorrow. Too many thoughts to sort out. Today, I’m relaxing.


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