Cat: A signature migraine

Today I was wiped out from a migraine, waking up at elevenish, returning to bed at one in the afternoon with a splitting headache, and then staying in bed all day until 9pm, attempting to get up once and not even having time to pee before the headache was sending me back to bed.

I feel better now — but not mended — after a solid meal. One of the signatures was hot flashes and cold sweats. When the body decides that all this pain may be due to infection or poison, it starts trying to modify conditions. Including dropping the temperature (spiking a fever comes later). Eventually it’ll decide to purge the digestive system which is how we get to projectile vomiting and diarrhea, which is a degree of body horror we’d really rather not think about.

But today, my sweetheart and even Miss Taz were feeling this particular type of headachey today which for me is unique (though thankfully infrequent) to my Vacaville experience.

There are lots of factors here that weren’t in San Francisco. I wonder if the Chevron Richmond Refinery is close enough that we’d experience effects from its burnoffs and accidents. Fortunately, after a number of incidents, we now have an air-quality monitoring page

…which says: everything is nominal. Hmmm…


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