Cat: Kang and Kodos

I’m still depressed from yesterday. Though I’m not mad at Ren as much. (I still don’t trust him to sleep in bed, but my anger has subsided.) This may be a matter of a very overwhelming weekend (family dinner on Friday, business party on Saturday and friends in town on Sunday). I should be washing my hair and making my beard pretty.

And yet we’re creeping up on the point of no return, where the electors are going to (probably) elect Trump and we’re (probably) going to have a Manchurian Candidate* despite that his cabinet and policies look positively awful and far right. Despite that Putin hacked the election and shaped it in Trump’s favor, and that Republican officials and the fucking FBI kept mum about it before the election.

It’s hard being enthusiastic about Christmas, or even tomorrow, knowing that things will have to get worse before they get better. I have no faith in humanity to believe Americans will care all that much until they each personally know and miss someone who’s been ruined. And that’s a lot of people.

*More precisely, a Russian shill candidate. A Manchurian candidate would be from Manchuria, but the term comes from the political thriller novel (which spawned two movies) in which a presidential candidate gets brainwashed in Manchuria before running for office, this is from a time when we were afraid of Soviet drug-assisted post-hyponotic sleeper agents, which never actually worked as well as the fiction. Now they just advertise Putin’s magnificence like Coke or Toyota.

Instead, Trump will probably be motivated by Putin advising Trump (possibly even by directly calling him) to say Ukraine called your golf courses dumb, and said they’re made for small-handed baby-men. And Trump will turn the entire US military / espionage complex towards the annihilation of Kiev. If that doesn’t motivate the US, then all the GOP data Putin’s hackers acquired but did not release may offer what is in spook speak biographical leverage to assure that the US cooperates with Putin’s interests.


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