Sub Log: Intro

I’ve been really digging Subnautica, so I’m going to start a run where I log my progress. It seems to be the game I’ve depending on to keep me sane during the pre-Trump season.

The Precursor Update — which I assume adds classic sci-fi precursor-related material, e.g. artifacts and technology of an ancient, long-dead alien civilization — has been released, so it’s time to restart the game, even though I’ll lose all my work done so far. It sounds like they’ve remapped the pacing of the early game, so I’ll get some tech sooner than before.

This will give me something I can focus on that isn’t a desperate attempt to warn the world how the US is going to bleed out…before making the world bleed. Because that process is wrecking me from the inside, and because I need this.


The Starship Aurora, of the Alterra fleet is falling apart from around me. I barely remember getting on the lifepod, strapping myself in and launching. I get a great Star Wars escape-pod rear-view of the Aurora before it explodes apart.

And that’s when I hit the atmosphere. It turns out everything wasn’t as nailed down as it should have been. Debris flies all over the pod interior, including a red fire extinquisher. And as a small access panel bounces off the empty chair and smacks me in the face, I’m glad it’s not the extinguisher.

One of the problems of a lot of games that start out cold-open is the Who the fuck am I? factor. In Half-Life, I’d never know I was Gordon Freeman except I got to work late and Barney says Good morning Mr. Freeman. I guess there was also the placards in the intro that informed me that it’s properly Dr. Freeman, but Barney has a gun, and he seems to be aware of all that’s going on even when I’m not. My turn in the barrel, indeed.

But I am not Dr. Freeman. Here, I am: Castaway. The guy who got smacked in the face.

Situational Awareness

I look and sound…male. Human…oid. And I’m in a lifepod. And OH CRAP FIRE! And a convenient fire extinguisher, which I promptly pick up and put out the fire. Okay, that happened. Much of this tiny pod interior is smokey and sparky. I add cleaning up around here onto my to-do list.

Also, I activate my PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) in emergency mode, which tells me that my number-one objective is to not die. Speaking of which, I’m hungry.

Atop the lifepod, It’s ocean to the horizon in all directions. Though in one direction, the immense wreck of the Aurora. On fire. The PDA tells me the wreck is about 100 meters away, and that I can anticipate secondary explosions. Wheee. Also the sea-water is non-potable, not just because it’s salty but also infested with microbes who’d try to eat me from the inside out.

My assets: I have two 6oz bottles of filtered water and two life support nutrition bars. And two flares. And my trusty fire extinguisher. Twelve ounces of water? Really?

Inside the sparky lifepod, there’s a first-aid dispensary and a printer thingie. The radio is broken. Another thing on the to-do list.

The PDA has bunches of crafting recipes / blueprints and some encouraging words on not dying. Also, the Aurora is radioactive, so don’t approach it unprotected. Also the Aurora power core is decaying rapidly, and I really should move myself to a 1KM safe distance.

My whole life is ahead of me!


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