Cat: Shelter In Place

Rant Warning: I’m really angry and frustrated and sad and depressed today. And with Christmas going on around me, I’ve not really been able to give myself the room to acknowledge how shitty I feel. Also it seems like there’s nothing anyone can do to acknowledge that things are really, seriously going to Hell. I don’t understand how we can focus on Christmas while Martians are landed and building their fighting machines.

The news is grim but fortunately the news is early. I didn’t expect a successful revolt in the electoral college, but thought it might work if enough voters got organized and specifically voted for Clinton. Sadly, they’re voting for various third parties, and in some cases faithless voters are being recalled and replaced by others who will vote faithfully. We’re not going to get the 36 strategic and conscientious voters necessary to not only block Trump, but also block the House from voting Trump in anyway.

I’m beside myself today. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know if crabby — even well-written crabby — letters to my representatives or to officials will make any kind of difference. I become skeptical of work without some kind of positive reinforcement. It doesn’t help that activist groups want people with people skills, and I need my books and poetry to protect me.

This seems to be a running thing. People who care have no power and people with power don’t care.

This is an era where a vote for the Republican party is a vote for exclusion. The GOP platform is about shrinking the field of legitimacy or citizenship. It’s a meritocracy where light skin, y-chromosomes, cisgender identity, heterosexuality, physical prowess, Christian identity, affluence, presentation of high-functionality and connectivity to the old society are the accepted valued traits. It’s a country club, and since you don’t count isn’t really all that convincing a message, (And they don’t count is), the GOP is willing to engage in demagoguery and subterfuge in order to take or sustain power.

And we allow this. GOP voters encourage and revel in such foul play. There’s no review, no indictment, no vocal dissent from the interests they claim to represent. Instead, voter suppression and open racism and blatant misogyny and religious elitism are the accepted norm. No one acknowledges that the RNC has a nation-wide gerrymandering program and a voter suppression committee and the K-street project (to replace less conservative or unknown officials with known conservatives) where the DNC does not. We’re not talking about how these things disenfranchise the people and wreck the democracy in the long term. We’re not talking about how this is ultimately a coup by gaming the system. We just don’t give a shit.

And amazingly, after Bush systematically fucked the US up, sent us on a two-trillion-dollar war on false pretenses, and made us a state that disregards people as people, and then tortures them, we didn’t get it then, because we were more distressed that a black(er) person became president. Because to the people of the US, the color of our skin continues to be more important than the content of our characters.

I don’t get it. The people of the US by pronounced majorities support gay marriage, abortion access, universal health care, acknowledgement and addressing global warming and immigration. And we can very easily lose all that now. Because people are manipulable? Because we can’t see to fixing this? Because we like orange-tanned misogynists? Because it feels so good hate the queers, the coons, the reds and the Jews, to the point that we’ll hurt ourselves to do it?

People don’t care. We lie to our children and tell them that truthfulness, moral integrity and reciprocity will bring them success and happiness, knowing full well that this is bullshit. We don’t tell them that the guys with all the money and power made it there by deceit and treachery and betrayal and typically and most importantly the luck of already being rich. We don’t tell them of the duplicitous society we live in, where we must watch out not just for getting raped or bullied (for either of which there is little recourse and the society would really rather we just shut up about it), but that every company, every organization, every church and every political party we encounter including our very schools, often including our very parents are looking to deceive us to keep us toeing the line and conforming to society standards. And then we are pressured into joining the military and to having children before we are sufficiently prepared. (Note how babies are bundles of joy and not bundles of parasitic need or bundles of squalling, pooping, puking colicky annoyance and frustration who might compel you to consider murder.) we are even pressured to click-sign lengthy terms-of-service contracts for our phone, our car, our email and any other service that we’re going to need just to be able to work and sustain ourselves, many of which are a felony to break. Ours is a society of coerced, uninformed consent. Ours is a society of not caring, just so that we can get past this day, this fucking moment.

And hence, ours is a society of voting for the guy that makes you feel better, rather than the guy (or gal) that might actually know something about running a nation. And then, when the salesman madman we voted into office burns the world. We. Won’t. Care.

We suck. I suck. This species sucks. This nation sucks. This white-dominated western Imperialist Church-dominated society sucks. Soon this planet is going to suck because we sucked too much to take care of it.

And I’ve run out of ideas as to how to help things suck less.

The temptation is to succumb to the compelling assumption that this world is meant for bullies and con men, for slavers and emperors, and not for egalitarian, constructive, collaborative pluralists.

The temptation is to accept that this world and this society regards me as nothing but food. That it regards me as yet another statistic not worth even acknowledging. That I don’t have a place here.

The temptation is to Remove Myself From The Situation. And sixty million Trump-voters and Republicans would only say good riddance.

For now, I need to crawl into my shelter and cry…

…and brace for impact. This world is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better.


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