Cat: Wranglin’

Yesterday was my regular trip to San Francisco. Today, as I expected, I’m exhausted and just want to lounge around. Even Subnautica which has been a joy for me is seeming tedious. Although, that is partially because I’m trying to build a base in an area with scant resources to gather.

I’m getting into the secondary themes of Firewatch, for instance (minor early-game spoiler) how Henry meets Julia when he’s roaring drunk, and how Delilah and the skinny-dippers are respectively drunk when Henry first encounters them. Also, there are books all over the park and they each (seem to) have a place in the Twin Forks watchtower bookshelf. Also is there more to Don and Ron besides being buds? Is there more significance to Henry donning his wedding ring (or not) than I put into it?

Also, if Firewatch were a game that had a boss monster ending (I haven’t gotten there yet) then the fireaxe feels like the BFG that one would get right before the big boss monster battle.

My sweetheart got me Wrangler pants for Christmas, and I’m still trying to figure out if they’re pants for wranglers or pants for men who need to be wrangled. The advertising works both ways.

Stimpy has taken to knocking things off my desk when I fail to be timely in doing something she wants. (Typically, feed her, but in this case, it was merely hang out in the kitchen while she eats.) The habit of hers of redecorating my desk is one from the old place, when she’d get hungry and I was not prompt in supplying her with food. But this is the first time the tactic has reveled itself here at the new place.

My brain holds content like an sieve today.

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