Cat: Broken

I’ve been having a bad case of not-feeling-like-writing.

It’s not that I don’t have topics. Obama’s farewell address brought up some commentworthy points. Trump has refused to divest in his business assets and may likely cause a constitutional crisis for his decision. He may also get himself impeached and jailed but for his GOP allies. Attorney General selectee Sessions denied his past efforts to undermine civil rights progress: not Yes, I’m a total southern bigot, but I have to be above partiality as AG, not I was a total southern bigot, but my position has evolved since then but That totally didn’t happen the way you remembered it..

I still have lots to write about general statecraft and human rights and what we had to work out through centuries of Divine Right and feudalism. And centuries of humans being generally shitty to other humans.

And then I still have lots to write about video games. Terraria is a survival game…it feels like a survival game and yet there aren’t any needs like hunger or thirst. How about that?

But Sunday kicked me in the head. And all my thoughts fell out. And I haven’t yet recovered. And I’m so scared for our future that I feel unsure I will recover.

That will suck if this is how the experiment ends.


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