Cat: No Brain Worky Worky

Again, I seem to be in a space where I can’t get my thoughts to coalesce into a logical sequence long enough to make a postworthy essay, even though there’s a lot I still have left to say.

I’m still depressed, I think, and I’m worried for the foreseeable future I’m going to be perpetually +1 Stress Factor given Trump’s ongoing administration — And the evident enjoyment he has of humiliating others he feels oppose him, and his obsession with responding to criticism or ridicule rather than, oh, actually running the country — make that +1 Stress ongoing, and +1 Stress whenever he does some new terrible thing to remind us how awful things are.

The world is already thinking of the United States as a joke country. A scary belligerent joke country. Perhaps we are.

Other than that, I got a final answer from Steam: No we won’t unlink XCOM 2 from your library. Though they’ll take it under advisement that the activate-a-game tree should have a clearer point-of-no-return gate. The support person took my suggestion well (and passed it on to client devs).

Also my sweetheart is ill with (we believe) a cold that’s been bouncing around the office. So yeah, it’s not a good day for writing.

Tomorrow may be the same because we intend to go back to San Francisco for some housecleaning. I may not get to writing then either. And hopefully on Monday I can start looking at my political correspondence career, that is to say, sending crabby / snarky correspondence to various officials to get them to reconsider their reckless, iniquitous ways.


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