Cat: A House Divided

Stimpy has been running from cover to cover, and is sometimes seen limping, and Ren has been observed rushing Stimpy, though no clear altercation has happened, but Stimpy is disinclined to eat unless she is assured it is safe, and she’s preferring her hidier places for hanging when she isn’t on a human lap.

The problem, of course, is we haven’t seen a clear violent incident, nor evidence of assault, but I’m worried about Stimpy’s thinning physique. If she’s not eating because she fears ambush, that’s a problem.

I snapped when Ren growled at me during our morning walk. I’ve talked before about him losing growling privileges when he bit me a month ago, and while I’m not into violence against dogs, I do get cold to him when I feel be’s being confrontational. Typically, when I’m the only human in the house, that can be hard on a beast that craves continuous attention. But today, my sweetheart (Ren’s human) is here, so I know that he feels at home without me.

We’ve separated Stimpy and I (Stimpy and me) into the bedroom, with food for her in the bathroom (which she actually prefers over the trek to the kitchen for a nibble). Stimpy has abandonment issues, on account of being neglected and left in a basement before I acquired her. It’s part of my compact with her that I won’t do that to her, and I don’t even like leaving the house for a day trip. She doesn’t like it either, and is always anxious when I return. To be fair, Ren is also sensitive to being left alone for too long, though I think he was always one disdain solitude from his puppyhood.

As I pointed out, I get more susceptible to depression the more stressors I have, and the Trump era assures I’ll be continuously stressed for the foreseeable future. Between my sweetheart still being ill, and Stimpy terrified of Ren and exposure, I’m pretty durned moody .

We didn’t go to San Francisco, after all, as my sweetheart tried a Target run yesterday and got super-dizzy from that ride alone, ruling out the long trip into the Bay Area. So it’s another day of rest.

Yesterday, I tried to get Planet Explorers working only to discover its keybinding interface locks out a number of keys (e.g. the enter keys) and also fixes some of the island keys to certain building functions. Being left handed, I tend to want to customize that part of the keyboard. I’ll look into twiddling with the config file, but the keys are represented not by name but by a number, so I’ll have to figure out what the damn numbering system is. That sounds like a lot of work.

So, I’m going to look at other survival games, possibly Stranded Deep to see if I can get it going. Also I still need to resume my Sub Log…if I can get my self to feeling like writing again. It would help if the persons of fur around here could come to an accord.


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