Cat: Panicking Is Good

I work well under constraint. I don’t work well under pressure. That is to say, I can commit to writing daily, or almost daily (assuming nothing untoward interferes). But it’s harder to commit to writing about a specific thing today.

Since the election, I’ve been panicking, partially trying to get certain ideas of statecraft (for instance The Yetis of Avarice Rule)) out and explained, and I’ve been trying to examine particulars of the Trump campaign — and the Trump transition (and now the Trump administration) — specifically the symptoms that do not bode well for the future of the United States (such as the looming Constitutional crisis when Trump’s conflicts of interests are challenged… or not challenged).

But all this has been panicking. I was relieved to get encouragement from Masha Gessen that this kind of panicking is actually good, and positive and forward-moving. It sometimes feels like spinning, but at least Ms. Gessen thinks I’m spinning in the right direction.

That said I want to take steps, and to encourage others to take steps to make certain things happen. And yet I also need to take care of myself. The resistance needs to get organized. The resistance to have structure, such as actual objectives and steps we can take towards accomplishing them.

Panicking about the new Trump era, whether or not it is ultimately productive, is hard on the psyche, and I need to give myself time off, and I need to force myself to take that time off.

That said, I’m going to San Francisco tomorrow (weather and health matters allowing for it), so I don’t expect I’ll get to writing today or tomorrow, even though I have some topics on my mind.


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