Advancing Tigers

An anti-abortion bill is in the house. Trump has greenlit the Dakota Access Pipeline. Cabinet selections who are known liars and cheats are getting approved regardless.

Spicer has doubled down on the White House’s option to disagree with facts, and he is now trying to declare Trump’s notion of alleged illegal voters is valid (as is Iowa representative Steve King who claims his calculator does not lie). Neither Spicer nor Trump (nor King) have provided any data or basis on their assumptions. Hopefully this leads to a shift in the media towards hard data. As I said yesterday, Pics or it didn’t happen.

More observations are coming in suggesting that Trump has two modes, angry and stupid, and in stupid mode he’s turning into a free ride for his cronies to push their own interests.

In angry mode, he’s either tweeting or plotting to humiliate someone. It sounds like sometimes the White House staff has to hold him down.

I have to remind myself that it’s kinda like the Battle of the Bulge, where the tigers seem invincible for a while, and our efforts to hold them back seem all for naught, but all we have to do is hold out until the weather turns.

Oddly, as cynical as I regard myself, the alt-right folks I’ve been talking to are far more cynical than I am. They believe it is and has to be a zero sum game, that it’s impossible to create a society of equality and post-scarcity. I think we won’t do it so long as we have rich people who believe they need to hoard their wealth, but some of them are trying to not do that. On the other hand, others aren’t. And some are trying to skim the public.

Another one of Uriel’s sayings, this time a question to ponder: Would you rather be a ruler of a petty banana-republic, or a middle-manager in a star-spanning empire? For me, the empire is a no-brainer, but for so many people, they have to take the lion’s share.

The politics is getting toxic to me. I have to not think about this. In the old days, I could play Command & Conquer: Generals which helped reframe the horrors of Iraqi freedom and the Bush administration. I need to find a similar game now. I need to find something to distract me from the advancing tigers.

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