Mind Control

The ability to control another is a mainstay of fiction. From villainous mesmers stalking the cobblestones of London in Victorian England to Soviet sleeper spy programs, mind control comes in many shapes and forms, for good or otherwise. Usually, otherwise.

Better yet, it’s a fetish.

It’s called Erotic Mind Control, or EMC. It’s been around long enough to fuel tales that were traditional when Shakespeare was around to be inspired by them. EMC is such a common fantasy that the most common Disney character to be rule-34’d (fictionalized — typically by fans — into a sexual situation) is Kaa* also…

The nice thing about exploring EMC is that the intent is given. (Come fly with me, gatinha!). As a mind-control suppositionist, I don’t have to ponder why I might want to control someone else. For the sake of argument, I assume the subject is a hottie I am eager to fuck. It’s pretty much the reason anyone who looks into manipulating people gets his or her start. But it is also the sort of thing like the transitive property of picking up Thor’s hammer that helps our brains delineate enticement from coercion from manipulation.

And all these philosophical considerations can generally be applied to mind-control that is less erotic, for instance, selling a product under the color of informed consent, or getting someone to invest all their savings into the outcome of a video game, or electing a madman President of the United States, or convincing a man to sacrifice his life to a greater cause, specifically mass murdering a gathering of innocent civilians in a suicidal rampage or by hand-detonating a bomb.

I did mention she’s hypothetical, yes?

* Interestingly, the second most common is Tinkerbell also…, stuck in that keyhole.


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